Your Curated Page is key to your content messaging strategy


You can use your curated research as an engine for your messaging strategy.  As a marketers and professional you are bombarded by news and marketing messages.  While many of the articles you read may seem just trivial some without a doubt stand out to you. Now imagine you made it a habit to store what you find interesting and commented your insight as you curated and saved the article.  Furthermore, let's postulate that on average you come accross 2 or 3 articles of value a day.  This means that within a month you can have 40 or so valuable articles and within a few months you have hundreds.  Our tools make it ral easy for you to turn this activity into a valuable asset for content marketing and sharing of ideas.

We practice what we preach. Our KBucket page is a collection of articles, lists and directories that helps with our marketing efforst.  For example this article on "Curating Local News" helps me market my tools and services as follows:

  • By sharing the article and driving targeted traffic with that link I am also demoing my own services
  • By curating the authors article and sharing it on social media I can connect with an influencer
  • I can use this article as a referrence for my own blog post and as validation for my ideas
  • I can demonstrate domain expertise to my audience by sharing my research

Content curation will be an integral part of the savvy marketing executives strategy.

To get started simply launch Firefox and download our extension by clicking on the link below.


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