Content Curators create better products with the input of the crowd


Curation works best when the curated topic is crowdsourced.  This statement is based on a 2 year case study of  a real world environment where a group of 70 users - used a KBucket type curation to improve findability of information.In our case study, the curator was the project manager - and the crowd were the employees who used the information.  The study found that it took roughly 2 months of usage and input from the crowd to optimize the curated KBucket page.  Once the KBucket page was optimized the findability of information improved by 400%.  This was measured in terms of time it took people to find information without assistance from other people in the group.

This has been our vision for KBucket.  A place where curators act as editors of context, corwdsourcing content and organizing it based on user input.

So remember the more input you provide the better the KBucket pages get.  KBucket should be a resource for all the people who are interested in the curated topic.

To strate your own curation project launch your Firefox Browser and click below to install the Optimal Access curation tool.


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