Learn how to engage influencers & generate leads with Content Curation


Let me show you how you can use our KBucket WordPress plugin to generate new leads, improve SEO and connect with influencers using their own content.

Our KBucket curation solution was designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Drive targeted inbound traffic
  • Improve SEO
  • Engage Influencers

Drive Targeted inbound traffic

The first step in generating leads is to target your interest graph. These are people who are interested in the same things you are..  Digital Marketer lab has an excellent presentation on the different stages of lead generation called the "$1`0 a day traffic plan".  They break down the lead generation system into 3 steps.

  • Cold Traffic
  • Warm Traffic
  • Hot Traffic

Cold traffic is the introduction stage.  At this stage you are trying to introduce your products and services and wish to establish a connection by offering content that teaches them something new and associates you and your company as domain experts in your field.

As a marketing person you are well aware that generating original content is time consuming and expensive.  You also know that in order to capture mind share, and be remembered, you need to continuously communicate with your audience.  For example one of the people I follow on Twitter is Vala Afshar, chief digital evangelist at Salesforce (@ValaAfshar).  He has a new tweet with new content every few minutes, so no matter when I visit my Twitter page I see a message from Vala.  Of course we don't all work for companies with unlimited resources so we need strategies that can help us execute the same plan.

Here is where content curation becomes a valuable strategy for content marketers to target their interest graph, with a contineous stream of messages that promotes their brand and builds trust with their audience.

KBucket's WordPress extension is an ideal tool for this purpose.  Every curated link on the KBucket page can be shared individually to drive traffic back to your site, like this article on "interest Graph Marketing". As you can see each KBucket page can host hundreds of links organized into multiple channels that can target the many interest of your audience.


It is safe to assume that everyone who clicks through to your website is interested in topics you share and as a result can be categorized under "warm Traffic".

In order to turn warm traffic to customers you should use retargeting.  I use the retargeting company Adroll on my site but you can find more companies from my curated research here.  Adding the pixel to your site is free.  Retargetting companies make money by distributing your ads to your targeted clients.

KBucket links open in a popup on your site like this one here.  You then have the ability to promote your services or try to get them to sign up for an offer.  We offer a free demo to our products.

Improve SEO

To improve your sites SEO you need to follow a number of strategies.  KBucket will help you with many of these strategies. Here is a list of 200 SEO techniques. The KBucket page will help you with quite a few of these techniques.

  • The KBucket articles are all tagged with "Rich Snippet" tags to improve SEO
  • Make the curated content your own by optimizing the "Title Tags" and descriptions
  • Use the content to get backlinks to your site from the content you share
  • Update curated content frequently to show you have fresh content
  • Your outbound link quality improves by linking to authoritative sites
  • Link to your curated content as reference from your blog posts
  • Author the title and description in your curated content
  • The KBucket tag clouds will help your SEO

Engage Influencers

If you want peoples attention, praise them and talk about them.  Every curated link in your KBucket library is an opportunity to engage the author of that article.

My strategy for doing this is to let the author know that I have curated and added their article to my library and am actively promoting their link.

This is a win-win proposition. The shared link drives traffic to my site first, but is promoting the author/influencer.

Here are a couple of techniques for engaging the influencers.

Send a direct Tweet to the author of the news story and make them aware of who you are.

"@Kchaykowski We added your "Fake Story In Facebook's 'Trending' News Section" to our curated library - take a look http://bit.ly/2c9byuP"

When sharing the news story add their handle to the end of the tweet.  This will make them aware you are talking about them.

"Fake Story In Facebook's 'Trending' News Section Highlights Social Media's Curation Challenges http://bit.ly/2cb6uLf via @Kchaykowski"


To get Started, just launch your Firefox Browser and click below to add the extension


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