Getting your Content tags right takes time!


I don't know about you but I often don't get things right the first time.  When I start a project - a blog, or a curation project on KBucket - I start with an idea and create a folder to store my research.

What happens next is inevitable - as I curate, my ideas on what to curate and how to tag and organize them change.  As I start learning from my curated articles and branch into new areas I often start adding new channels that run parallel to my initial research idea.  Furthermore, as I start referring back to my curated research I start enhancing and adding to my existing tags to improve the indexing and findavbility of my curated research.

For example just today a user asked about type apps that organize information in magazine format - I have curated this information on my Search & Social Media page - So I searched for "magazine Format" to locate, however I had initially organized under curation tools and realized that I needed to add the "magazine format" tag to the same content so both searches produced the same result.

A good curated page takes time to build and optimize.  If you are just filtering and aggregating without going back to improve your research, then you are not really curating!  Curation by definition is organization and maintenance.

Additionally the value and usability of your curated page improves when the organization and tagging is informed by a community.  Different people have different ways  of relating to the same information.  Therefore crowd sourcing is a critical function of building optimal curated pages.

Our two year case study of a group of 70 people shows that an optimal curated page (the groups and tags on a topic) takes about 2 months to optimize.

To start curating with Optimal Access launch Firefox and install the extension.


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