How to Import/Export links and articles in KBrowser


This is the first in a series of post (use Robin's Criteris tag to see all) examining KBrowser curation features.  To do this I have used the 21 criteria Robin Good has listed for describing his ideal content curation tool. The first feature relates to importing and exporting of links.

Robin has been testing curation tools for a long time and has devised his list from his own experience as a curator. As a curator myself, I concur with his insight simply because all curators face similar challenges.  Many of the features in our program are designed based on improving our experience with curation!  Since as a curator you have work you want to import into your new system, we start with Import and Export of links!

Import and Export function

  • Can the tool import/export existing collections or streams? Answer: Yes we can import RSS feeds
  • Which import/export formats are supported (RSS, XML, CSV, PDF, etc.)  Answer: RSS and a proprietary format for sharing links plus navigation
  • Does the tool support OPML import/export? Answer: No but we are planning this.

Curators have a need to import and export either their own research (from other platforms) or that of others, into their system to save time.  Our tool is currently able to import RSS feeds and export RSS, Curation folders as portal files.

The following video demonstrates how we subscribe to an RSS feed, copy one or more links from that feed into our curation folders, and modify each link according to our needs.  We will also show you how to export and share our RSS folders, Curation folders, and links plus navigation with other Optimal Access programs.

Lets take a look (maximize the video to follow the details):

To get started launch your Firefox browser and click on the link below to install the KBrowser Extnesion.



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