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May 24, 2017

Introducing a Breakthrough Curation Tool for Journalist!

By Karan Tags: journalism, content curation

I have been curating news for over 12 years now, and came up with the idea of curation back in 2003, 2004, while developing our multi-tab browser solution.

Back in 2001, before Chrome, Firefox and even before Internet Explorer had tabs, we released a multi-tab browser that allowed users to curate and manage access to hundreds of web destinations with ease. The curated information was on the user's computer, so the thought from the beginning was, how do you share this information with others?

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December 28, 2016

How to get 153% CTR with KBucket content curation

Introducing KBucket,  a topic curation solution that will significantly increase your social inbound traffic and cost you much less than PPC advertising. The findings in this post are based on actual results going back 6 months.

Our study measures the social ROI in six important categories:

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September 14, 2016

Learn how to engage influencers & generate leads with Content Curation

Let me show you how you can use our KBucket WordPress plugin to generate new leads, improve SEO and connect with influencers using their own content.

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