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July 26, 2016

Amazing, you can now share your research in context!

This is an image from the movie "Eye in the sky".  It shows the protagonist recording and connecting events and characters to uncover patterns, a great example of how creating context can help us understand events.  Recording and sharing historical events in context is powerful.  In this post I will discuss the importance of our KBucket crowd sourced platform for recording History!

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June 06, 2016

Save time with Kauthor, our Context Management Solution

By Karan Tags: context, Curation, tips

Studies show that the average information worker spends 2 hours a week looking for information which costs companies and individuals millions of dollars in productivity.  Our solution to this is both Content and Context Curation.

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December 08, 2011

Content Curation is Disruptive

By Karan Tags: context, Curation

You often hear people say that Content Curation is a disruptive business, but what does that really mean?

Curation is a new layer of activity that sits between the content creators and the consumer, in essence disrupting the original flow of information - providing tools that empower the crowd to manage the context of information.

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