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June 15, 2016

Share Context and not Just Content!

By Karan Tags: Curation, Organization

As a social media marketer or a start-up entrepreneur, content curation may be a key strategy that allows you to re-purpose previously written content to share with your audience. It is extremely useful when you have only so much time to create fresh, long-form content from scratch. Curation tells your audience that you're willing to take a broader view of topics and stay on the pulse of industry trends.

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June 15, 2016

If a Machine Does it, It's Not Curation!

Curation has an important purpose in brand marketing. It tells your audience that you're not only interested in promoting your brand, but care about sharing useful information with them. After all, brands aspire to share content of relevance and meaningful value to their audience, regardless of whether they've created it themselves or sourced it from a third-party.

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June 06, 2016

Save time with Kauthor, our Context Management Solution

By Karan Tags: context, Curation, tips

Studies show that the average information worker spends 2 hours a week looking for information which costs companies and individuals millions of dollars in productivity.  Our solution to this is both Content and Context Curation.

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May 18, 2016

Editing Curated Content with KBrowser

How easy is it to edit, correct, revise your curated content with KBrowser?  This is my 6th post in a series of posts examining our KBrowser features against Robin Good’s criteria for the ideal content curation tool.

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May 15, 2016

How to discover and monitor news with KBrowser

How easy is it to monitor and discover news with KBrowser?  This is my 5th post in a series of posts examining our KBrowser solution for curators against Robin Good’s criteria for the ideal content curation tool.  Here, Robin has defined a set of features for Content Monitoring, news discovery and filtering when considering a curation tool.  Let's take a look at the set of questions and our response.

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May 14, 2016

How to search the web and your own content with KBrowser

Curators as researchers need powerful tools for searching the web and their own content.  Learn how KBrowser solves these problems.  This is post 4 in a series of posts examining KBrowser features against Robin Good’s criteria for the ideal content curation tool.

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September 23, 2014

Why Curation is a good strategy for small publishers

By Karan Tags: Curation, kbucket, tips

How do you compete with big brand publishers.  Brands like NYTimes, Huffington Post or Daily Kos, with staff or network of writers able to generate new content on a continuous basis creating engagement and online ad revenue.  The answer is content curation.  Curation allows any small publisher to create valuable and fresh content continually.

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December 17, 2011

Curate News, Record History - Educate through Context

By Karan Tags: analysis, behavior, Curation, studies

A study by "The online Journalism Review" and the other by "Pew Research" investigate how users interact with news online.  My objective here is to use these findings to make the case for News curation and offer tips for best practices for news curators.  Lets take a look.

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December 08, 2011

Content Curation is Disruptive

By Karan Tags: context, Curation

You often hear people say that Content Curation is a disruptive business, but what does that really mean?

Curation is a new layer of activity that sits between the content creators and the consumer, in essence disrupting the original flow of information - providing tools that empower the crowd to manage the context of information.

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October 27, 2011

Getting your Content tags right takes time!

By Karan Tags: Curation, tips

I don't know about you but I often don't get things right the first time.  When I start a project - a blog, or a curation project on KBucket - I start with an idea and create a folder to store my research.

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